Frequently Asked Questions of Opera Mini

Last Updated: August 15, 2018

As one of the new users of Opera Mini, you must have some confusions and need helps on how to use Opera Mini in a smooth way. Now, get some supports by reading through these frequently asked questions of Opera Mini for Android.

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Q1. How to save pages for offline viewing?

Open the page that you want to save for offline viewing, then click on three dots on the top-right corner. Tap "Save for Offline", and the page will be saved. When you want to browser this page, turn to homepage, and click the Opera icon right beside the address bar. Head to Offline pages and you can find the saved pages.

Save Offline Pages
Q2. Is Opera Mini Secure?

The information on your Opera Mini is completely encrypted when you are browsing secure pages. You must ensure that the pages you visit are secure. However, the cloud-based compression technology that Opera Mini adopts must be connected to the unencrypted version of webpage to compress data. As a result, Opera Mini cannot assure a strict end-to-end encryption between users and web server.

Q3. How to change the output folder of my downloads?

When you submit to download an item from Opera Mini, it will let you preview the name, size and output folder of the downloads. You can change another output folder here before start downloading the files.

Q4. What is Extreme data-saving mode?

By clicking on the Opera icon on the top-right corner, then Data savings > Automatic, you will find the Extreme mode of data saving. Under this mode, Opera Mini will adopt the compression to compress the data, image, text download to 1/10 times of their original size, which will save more data for users. Therefore, while you have extreme limited data or are going to travel abroad, turn on Extreme data-saving mode will do you a great favor.

Extreme Data-Savings Mode on Opera Mini
Q5. How to enable "Fit to Screen" feature?

Just follow the steps below to enable "Fit to Screen" feature.
STEP 1. Click on Opera icon beside the address bar.
STEP 2. Head to Settings.
STEP 3. Scroll down to find Fullscreen. Tap it and select enable.
Then you can fit Opera Mini to screen successfully.

Enable Fullscreen in Opera Mini