Frequently Asked Questions of Opera Browser

Last Updated: August 15, 2018

The most frequently asked questions of Opera Browser on Android are listed in this page. Glance through to find some solutions to the problems you have while using Opera Browser on Android devices.

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Q1. How to Add Pages to Speed Dial, Bookmarks, or other categories?

By adding your favorite pages to certain categories and help you have a quick access to them. Open the site you want to add, then click on the three dots on the upper-right corner. In "Add to" section, section one or more categories that you want save the page to, including Speed Dial, Bookmarks, Offline pages, and Home screen.

Add to in Opera Browser
Q2. How to find my downloads?

It's an easy task to get your downloads in Opera Browser. Just click on the hamburger like icon on the top-left corner of the homepage, and enter Downloads section. Here you can find all your saved downloads in Opera Browser.

Find Download in Opera Browser
Q3. Where are my saved pages?

Saved page now is called as offline page. Fine it from Menu > Offline pages in the homepage of Opera Browser.

Q4. How to customize my own news interest?

In Opera Browser, you can browser fresh news everyday. But most people may want to get the news that they have most interest in. Therefore, Opera Browser allows users to customize their own news interest. Swipe left and move to Top News from the homepage, then click on "+" button on the top right. In the new window, tap on/off to customize the news interests.

Customize News Interests
Q5. Does Opera Browser on Android support Flash?

Since Adobe does not support Adobe Flash Player on Android anymore, Opera Browser doesn't support Flash as well. Instead, videos of most sites are as HTML5 video.