1. Opera Browser Overview

About Opera Browser

Developed by Opera Software AS, Opera APP is a web browser designed for multiple operating systems, in order to provide users with fast, safe, and easy-to-use browsing experience. Opera Browser used to be a commercial app, but now it is completely free for using.

Overview on Opera Browser

Name Opera Browser
Developer Opera Software AS
Operating System Android, Windows 7 or later, macOS, Linux
Available in 42 Languages
Price Free


Opera Browser provides users with multiple amazing functions like private browsing, tabbed browsing, ad blocking, browser extension, etc. With Opera APP, users are able to enjoy the Internet more conveniently, and more importantly, safely. As a result, Opera has gained several awards over the years. Getting interested in Opera APP? Have your Opera free download now!

Features of Opera Browser

Opera Browser is equipped with a few appreciated features, which enable it to be one of the most popular web browsers on market. Here, let's grasp some to get more familiar with this amazing browser before you get Opera download on device.


#1. Ad Blocker

To enable users to enjoy its highest browsing performance, Opera Browser offers the built-in ad blocker to improve the running speed to THREE times faster without ads interruption. Additionally, comparing to the ad blocker on other browser, the one on Opera Browser for PC will be much smarter for you can set some exceptions to receive the ads on some special website. Not all ads are useless.

How to Enable Ad Blocker in Opera Browser
On Android
STEP 1. Open Opera Browser.
STEP 2. Click on the hamburger like icon on the top-left corner.
STEP 3. Tap on "Ad blocking".

Enable Ad Blocking on Android

STEP 1. Launch Opera Browser on PC.
STEP 2. Click on Opera logo (Menu) on the top-left corner.
STEP 3. Go to Settings > Basic.
STEP 4. Enable ad blocker in "Block ads" module.
Note: Click on "Manage exceptions" and you can add the sites that you don't want to block ads on them.

Block Ads in Opera Browser


#2. Free VPN

Opera Browser's another highlighted function refers to its built-in Opera VPN. Sometimes when you want to visit site without leaking your IP address, you can turn on this VPN and Opera Browser will set a virtual for you. With this free Opera VPN, you can browse the net in a more secure way.
ATTENTION: This free VPN is only available on Opera Browser's PC version currently.

How to Enable Free Opera VPN
STEP 1. Launch Opera Browser on PC.
STEP 2. Head to Menu > Settings > Privacy & security
STEP 3. Under VPN section, enable Opera VPN option.

Opera Browser VPN


#3. VR Player

Want to enjoy online videos such as YouTube, Facebook, etc. in a more wonderful way? Opera Browser can be your first choice! It is the first web browser which provides users with VR playback system, and you don't even need to activate it before using. Opera Browser's VR Player will detect the proper format and decoding options for the video you are going to play. Just simply open the video page in Opera Browser and enjoy the amazing playback experience served by Opera.

How to Use Opera Browser VR Player
To use Opera Browser's VR Player, you just need to connect your Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or other OpenVR devices to PC. Once it is connected, Opera Browser will detect the device. Then when you open a video page in Opera Browser, the VR Playback icon will appear. Click on it to enjoy watching the online video in VR mode!

Watch Video in VR Playback Mode


#4. Battery Saver

While you are browsing the net without charging your laptop, you will feel concerned that the battery will be out of power soon. To figure out this problem, Opera Browser builds a battery saver inside the web browser to extend the battery’s life while users are browsing with Opera Browser. According to the data provided by Opera, with the battery save turned on, the browser can run 35% longer than turning it off.

How to Turn on Battery Saver
STEP 1. Open Opera Browser.
STEP 2. Click on the battery icon beside the address bar.
STEP 3. Enable "Battery Saver".

Enable Battery Saver on Opera Browser

[Tips] Reveal Battery Saver Icon on Toolbar
When launch Opera Browser for the first time, some users will fail to find the battery saver icon next to the address bar. When you encounter this situation, you can manually make it reveal.
STEP 1. Go to Menu > Settings > Browser.
STEP 2. Scroll down to find "Battery Saver" section.
STEP 3. Tick "Always show battery icon on toolbar".

#5. Snapshot

Opera Browser also has snapshot function which enables users to share some interesting moments with their friends easily. After capturing the screen, users can even edit the screenshot in real time, for example, adding arrow, blurring the photo, adding emotions, etc., to make the screenshot more vivid and funny for sharing.

How to Use Snapshot on Opera Browser
Click on the camera icon on the sidebar and catch the screen. Then you can begin to edit the screenshot. Use the tools on top of the edit window to make it more personalized, then share with your friends!

Snapshot of Opera Browser


#6. Data Savings

As for Opera Browser on Android, it is equipped with a data savings function, which can prevent cellular data from losing in a high speed. By enabling data saving on Android, Opera Browser will compress the data to reduce losing it on some useless points.

How to Enable Data Savings on Android
STEP 1. Open Opera Browser on Android.
STEP 2. Turn to Menu > Settings.
STEP 3. Tap on Data Savings.

Enable Data Saving on Android


#7. Messenger

On Opera Browser's sidebar, users are able to monitor their Facebook messages with Messenger function. Just login with your Facebook account, you can chat with your friends while you are doing other browsing inside Opera Browser.

Just click on Messenger from the sidebar in Opera Browser and login with Facebook account. Then you can chat with friends easily even doing other things.

Messenger on Opera Browser


#8. Opera Add-ons

Still feel unsatisfied with Opera Browser's functions? Don’t worry! To make the services of Opera Browser to be more comprehensive, a large number of Opera add-ons are provided to meet users' needs. These Opera add-ons are completely designed for fitting Opera Browser. There must be some Opera extensions that you are seeking for. Complete the functionality of your Opera Browser with these Opera extensions now!

>>Get Opera add-ons now<<

How to Enable Opera Extensions on Opera Browser
STEP 1. Go to Menu > Extensions.
STEP 2. Click on Extension bar to set a side-bar in Opera Browser.
STEP 3. Simply enable Opera Extensions by clicking on the installed one on the side-bar.
Note: Click on "+" on the extension side-bar, you can select Opera add-ons from the site and install them in your preference.

Opera Add-ons


Opera Beta Versions

For those who want to innovate Opera Browser's latest features, there are two special versions provided - Opera Beta Browser and Opera Developer Browser. These two beta versions will be updated every few weeks. If you can't wait to explore Opera Browser’s new functions, they are welcomed to you.



Opera Developer Browser

Opera Developer Browser is appropriate for developers to work out how the browser can work to a better stage. Actually, this browser is not suitable for those who are unfamiliar with it since it is the earliest experiment. The performance of Opera Developer Browser may be unstable and even make itself crashed while you are running. Therefore, if you are not a develop or advanced user, it is not recommended to use Opera Developer Browser.

Opera Beta Browser

Comparing to Opera Developer Browser, Opera Beta Browser is the one for those who want to experience new Opera Browser's latest updates in advance. Opera Beta Browser offers the chance for users to preview the new features, functions, and any other change before the final one releases. Don't worry that Opera Beta Browser will be as unstable as the developer one, because it is just the final steps before the final version.

Although it is more recommended to use the official release Opera Browser due to the final one is more prefect, these two beta versions are also free for users to download for experiencing. If you get much interest in trying new thing, download Opera Beta versions now.

2. Opera Mini Overview

About Opera Mini

Opera Mini can meet all your need without wasting much cellular data. It is a mini version comparing to Opera Browser for it saves more data, provides a faster performance, but with the same security. With Opera Mini, browsing the net with the least data is completely possible.


Opera Mini


Here's the Opera Mini Overview you should check out.

Name Opera Mini
Developer Opera Software AS
Operating System Android, iOS, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, BlackBerry, Symbian
Available in 90 Languages
Price Free


Although Opera Mini is derived from Opera Browser, it has powerful features and functionalities, which enable it to be one of the most popular mobile browser around the global. In February 2013, Opera Mini’s active users amount has reached 300 million.

Features of Opera Mini

Opera Mini has its own highlighted features that make it more attractive. Here in this part, you can simply grasp some of them, getting more familiar with this amazing mini web browser on mobile.


#1. Faster Browsing Speed

Opera Mini is appreciated for its pretty high performance speed. It will compress the contents and data before they reach you. Therefore, even when you are not in an ideal network environment or the contents that you are browsing are heavy, Opera Mini can make them as light as they could. In this way, browsing with super high speed is completely possible.

Besides, you can also block ads to prevent useless ads from occupying the running performance of Opera Mini, so that you can enable even faster browsing speed.

How to Block Ads on Opera Mini
STEP 1. Launch Opera Mini on Android.
STEP 2. Click on the Opera icon on the upper-right corner.
STEP 3. Enable "Ad blocking".

Ads Blocker on Android Mini


#2. Smarter Video Download Function

Do you want to save videos from some social media or online video platforms for offline watching? Opera Mini has offered you the way to get some online videos downloaded easily in just a few clicks. With Opera Mini, which will scan the sites to offer a download option for those downloadable videos, and you can simply save them to your devices or SD card, then have quick access to them at anytime anywhere.

How to Use Opera Mini’s Video Download Feature
STEP 1. Find the video you want to download and click on "Play".
STEP 2. Tap "Download" and Opera Mini will begin to download the video for you.
STEP 3. When the download is finished, you can enjoy the video offline.

Download Online Video on Opera Mini


#3. Keep Eyes on Data Savings

When you have enabled Data Savings in Opera Mini, you can monitor the actual using situation of the data and how mach Opera Mini has actually saved. Keeping eyes on it can help you know if the data savings function on Opera Mini has actually worked.

How to Monitor Data Savings in Opera Mini
STEP 1. Open Opera Mini on Android.
STEP 2. Click on the Opera icon on the upper-right corner.
STEP 3. Head to Data savings, and you can preview the data saving details.

Data Savings Preview on Opera Mini


#4. Sync Bookmarks Between Devices

By login with the same Opera account, you can sync your bookmarks between different devices. So that you don't need to worry about that you will lose them once you change to a new device, and are able to keep them continuously.

How to Sync Bookmarks Between Devices on Opera Mini
STEP 1. Run Opera Mini and head to Menu > Bookmarks.
STEP 2. Click on the Sync icon.
STEP 3. Login with your account and save the bookmarks from other devices to Opera Mini.

Sync Bookmarks on Opera Mini


#5. Classify Sites to Folders

Opera Mini allows users to put the sites on the homepage in folders just like most mobiles do nowadays. By classifying the sites into different categories, you can have fast access to each of them quickly, making your browser look much tidier. Just long-press the site and move them together.

Classify Sites by Categories


3. Opera Touch Overview

About Opera Touch

This year, Opera has newly released a new one-handed use browser, Opera Touch. This amazing web browser launched by Opera has broken the traditional concepts and behaviors - using mobile to browser the net is a two-handed affair. Now, you can start browsing using just one hand on Opera Touch.


Here's the Opera Touch Overview you should check out.

Name Opera Touch
Developer Opera Software AS
Operating System Android
Requirements 5.0 and up
Current Version V1.8.5
Size 9.9MB
Price Free


At present, Opera Touch is only available on Android while the one for iOS is still working. With Opera Touch, you can browse the net with much simple and convenient method even when you have only one hand available. This wonderful browser for Android has attracted many users and the installs have reached 1 million and up.

Opera Touch Android


Features of Opera Touch

How can Opera Touch free users' hands with its amazing features? Here you can know!

#1. Instant Search

Opera Touch enables users to begin searching the net the moment they launch the APP. When you open Opera Touch, start browsing by typing for searching by voice search, because Opera Touch is always ready for help you to find things on the net. You can also use the QR code scanning function to head to the sites included in the QR code.

#2. Flow

This is one of the most highlighted features on Opera Touch. By scanning the QR code on Opera Browser on PC with the QR scanning function inside Opera Touch, you can easily transfer links, notes, or videos from Android mobile to PC. This function does not require users to login with their Opera account, which even makes the transfer much easier.

#3. Fast Action Button

To give users an quick access to search, Opera Touch also gives a Fast Action Button on the browser's screen, which is always ready for the instant search. You can also switch to recent tabs with this Fast Action Button.

#4. High Security

Do not worry about privacy disclosure while using Opera Touch's Flow function because Opera Touch will always try to keep your information safe and make the data fully encrypted. Therefore, all the information in Opera Touch will be secure.

Opera Touch is an advanced web browser, which can enhance your browsing experience to be more awesome, secure, and convenient. It breaks some obstacles brought in many traditional web browsers and explore a way to meet the modern demands of millions of users. This user-friendly web browser deserves a try!

Opera Touch

4. Opera Download for Android

Want to try this fantastic web browser? Just follow the guides below to free download Opera Browser APK / Opera Mini APK to your Android!

How to Download Opera APK for Android

Download Opera APK
Search for Opera Browser on Google Play Store or simply click on the download button below to download Opera APK to Android device.


STEP 2. Install Opera Browser
When you have got the Opera APK on Android, just click on it to install Opera Browser to your mobile. Finally, just launch Opera Browser and begin your wonderful browsing trip.


How to Download Opera Mini APK for Android

STEP 1. Download Opera Mini APK
Head to Google Play Store and enter Opera Mini in the search bar. Click on Install to get Opera Mini APK for Android.

STEP 2. Install Opera Mini and Start Browsing
Submit installing Opera Mini after downloading Opera Mini APK. When it is finished, open the browser to enjoy your browsing.

5. Opera Browser Download for PC

The highlighted features of Opera Browser for PC have attracted many users to download and enjoy, including its free Opera VPN, battery saver, VR player, snapshot, and so forth. Sounds amazing? Download it and enjoy on PC now! Just follow these simple steps to get Opera free download on your PC.

STEP 1. Download Opera Browser Package
Click on the "Download" button below to get Opera Browser package on PC.


STEP 2. Install Opera Browser
Double-click Opera Browser package on PC to have official Opera download.

STEP 3. Start Browsing
After the installation is finished, launch Opera Browser to start browsing with this reliable and secure web browser.

6. Opera Mini Download for iPhone/iPad

Currently, Opera only releases Opera Mini on iOS. So how to start with this light web browser to browser with less data but high speed? Firstly, you have to get Opera Mini download to iPhone/iPad.

STEP 1. Search for Opera Mini
Head to App Store and search for Opera Mini inside the store.

STEP 2. Install Opera Mini
Click on install button to download Opera Mini to your iPhone/iPad. When it is installed, launch Opera Mini and start surfing the net with high speed but the least data!

7. FAQs of Opera APP/Opera Mini

Encounter with some problems while using Opera Browser or Opera Mini? Turn to these FAQs to find out if they can help you figure out the problems.

#1. Where Can I Find My Saved Pages in Opera Browser on Android?
Your saved pages will be stored in “Offline Pages”. By heading to the icon on the upper-right corner of the homepage, and you can find offline pages. Enter it and the saved pages will be listed.

#2. Is Opera Mini Secure?
The information on your Opera Mini is completely encrypted when you are browsing secure pages. You must ensure that the pages you visit are secure. However, the cloud-based compression technology that Opera Mini adopts must be connected to the unencrypted version of webpage to compress data. As a result, Opera Mini cannot assure a strict end-to-end encryption between users and web server.

#3. How to Manage My Browsing History on Opera Browser?
Users are able to remove items from Opera Browser's browsing history on PC freely. To achieve this goal, you can follow the steps below.
STEP 1. Go to Menu > History > Show All History.
STEP 2. Hover over the entry of any item and delete them by clicking the "x" appearing on the right.


>>Find More Supports of Opera Browser/Opera Mini in FAQs<<


User Reviews

I've fell in love with Opera Mini for browsing on my Android. This is the lightest web browser that I have ever used. As currently, mobile data can be more expensive and it's great that Opera Mini can save much for me. That's why I rank it as No.1 among all web browsers. --Juliet Lois
Opera Browser on PC gives me different feelings of browsing the net. One of the features that I like the most is its free VPN function provided inside the browser. With this VPN tool, browsing can really be more secure and private. --George Smith
I did try lots of browser and finally found that Opera is the one most suitable to myself. The newest Opera Touch also catches my eyes, which gains high reputation for its advanced one-hand operation feature. It really deserves a try especially during this busy age. --Shelly Reed

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